• Where can we go to find God
    if we cannot see Him in our
    own hearts and in every livin being

    Swami Vivekananda

  • Sri Ramakrishna
    Satsang Mandal


  • Sri Ramakrishna
    Satsang Mandal


About Us

The Motto and Principles

The aims and ideals of the Ashrama are purely spiritual and humanitarian and has no connection with politics. Swami Vivekananda proclaimed “Renunciation and Service” as the twofold national ideals of modern India and the work of the Ashrama strives to practice and preach these. The service activities are based on the message of “Jiva is Shiva” from Ramakrishna and Vivekananda’s message of “Daridra Narayana” to indicate that service to the poor is the service to God. The Principles of Upanishads and Yoga in Bhagavad Gita reinterpreted in the light of Ramakrishna’s Life and Teachings is the main source of inspiration for the Ashrama. The service activities are rendered looking upon all as veritable manifestation of the Divine.


The ideology of Sri Ramakrishna Satsang Mandal Gondia consists of the eternal principles of Vedanta as lived and experienced by Sri Ramakrishna and expounded by Swami Vivekananda. This ideology has three characteristics: it is modern in the sense that the ancient principles of Vedanta have been expressed in the modern idiom; it is universal, that is, it is meant for the whole humanity; it is practical in the sense that its principles can be applied in day-to-day life to solve the problems of life.


In the year 1970-1971, three people from Gondia namely, Sri Madhav Kale (Professor of English), Sri Mitra (Manager of BATA), and Sri Ravindra Shrivastava (Professor in N.M.D. College, Gondia) inspired by Sri Ramakrishna’s life and teachings, started reading Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna in a group for many years. Afterwards two devotees namely, Sri Rajamohan Tiwari (Head Master of a local School) and Sri Ratilalbhai Chawda (Businessman) joined them. Later, they started Satsang on every Sunday at Sri Rajamohan Tiwariji’s house.


Land acquisition for expansion to a new premises. Recently, 2.2 acres of land was purchased by Ramakrishna Satsang Mandal, Gondia. It is approximately 4 km from heart of the city, in between Manoharbhai Institute of Technology and Poddar International High School. Total cost incurred was Rs 68 lakhs. It became possible with the help of generous donations by devotees of Ramakrishna bhavdhara. Still many more works related to the land are pending like levelling, fencing etc. We request all our devotees and admirers to come forward for this noble cause.

For Donation please send your remittances to

Ramkrishna Satsang Mandal Gondia
A/C No. 920610100002901 | Bank of India, Gondia | IFSC: BKID0009206
Please provide your full name & complete postal address with pin code, mobile number, AADHAR & PAN number after remittance of donation on Email ID rksmgondia@gmail.com positively so that donation receipt can be sent.